Pop-up camp outside Barclays

Pop-up camp outside Barclays in solidarity with Yorkshire and Dakota protection camps

Barclays: Don't Frack Yorkshire + No DAPL

Huddersfield Friends of the Earth today (Saturday 28th January 2017) set up camp outside Barclays Huddersfield to highlight the bank’s fracking plans for North Yorkshire and investment links to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project. The group was outside the Barclay’s Huddersfield branch to show solidarity with the Yorkshire and Dakota protection camps opposing the projects. The Kirby Misperton Protection Camp in North Yorkshire has been established since before Christmas  to oppose Barclays’ fracking subsidiary’s plans to frack in North Yorkshire. DAPL is opposed by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and thousands of Native American supporters from across the USA have set up camps to try to block the project. 
Barclays ‘ subsidiary Third Energy’s plans to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire are widely opposed by the local community who are concerned about, among other things,  risks to groundwater from the chemicals injected into the ground as part of the fracking process.  Opponents of DAPL project say that the oil pipeline threatens sacred native lands and could contaminate their water supply from the Missouri river, the longest river in North America. Huddersfield Friends of the Earth is calling for Barclays to immediately pull out of fracking in North Yorkshire, the DAPL project as well as their investments in other fossil fuel projects.
Chayley Collis of Huddersfield Friends of the Earth said:
” The Frack Free and No DAPL groups are not protesters but water protectors, rightly concerned about the threat of water contamination from the projects. We call upon Barclays Bank to drop its investments in the Dakota Pipeline and fracking in North Yorkshire”
Chayley Collis added: “Fracking and new fossil fuel infrastructure projects are also not compatible with tackling climate change. Barclays’ fossil fuel  investments are risky for both people and the planet”.
Anti-fracking choir outside Barclays Huddersfield

Anti-fracking choir outside Barclays Huddersfield




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