Count Frackula challenges Barclays Huddersfield over fracking investments

Barclays Huddersfield

HuddsFoE action outside Barclays Huddersfield


Huddersfield Friends of the Earth today (Saturday 29th October) were joined by Count Frackula, Frackenstein and a coven of witches to call on Barclays bank to stop funding fracking in the UK. The local residents and campaigners were  protesting outside the Huddersfield  branch of Barclays bank on Market Place, as part of a national week of action calling for Barclays to end their investments in fracking company Third Energy and other fossil fuels.

Count Frackula

The Hallowe’en-themed action was designed to raise awareness of Barclays’ fracking plans in North Yorkshire. Count Frackula delivered a letter to the Manager of Barclays branch, while a coven of witches stirred the ‘Fracked Water Cauldron’ to highlight the threat of  water contamination from fracking. Passers by were offered ‘Trick or Treats’ with a fracking twist.

Barclays action

Chayley Collis of Huddersfield Friends of the Earth said:

“Barclays’ fracking plans in Yorkshire are scary:  both to the local communities under immediate threat and to all of us through climate change.   People don’t want to see fracking. Not in Kirklees. Not in North Yorkshire. Not anywhere”.
Up and down the country hundreds of people are taking to the streets collecting petition signatures, closing accounts, sending letters, and running spooky Hallowe’en-themed events to ask Barclays to stop funding fracking.  
Barclays own Third Energy, the company holding the licence to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, which was given the go-ahead by North Yorkshire County Council in May 2016. Barclays are the only major High Street bank investing in fracking in the UK.
The Huddersfield Friends of the Earth group spoke to hundreds of concerned residents and passers-by through the course of the day who were invited to sign petitions calling for the government to ban fracking.
The protest forms part of a national week of action to stop Barclays fracking organised by Friends of the Earth,, SumOfUs, People and Planet and Frack Free Ryedale.
Chayley Collis added: “Fracking is not compatible with tackling climate change. Barclays’ fracking investment is risky for both people and the planet”.
“We want Barclays to withdraw their plans to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. Instead of a dash for gas, we need to get behind renewables and energy saving.”
Support for fracking across the UK continues to fall. A recent study showed that only 34% of British public supported fracking with 73% supporting onshore windfarms and 83% supporting solar.



Notes to editors:
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