‘Red lines’ fracking protest in Huddersfield

Campaigners from Huddersfield Friends of the Earth held a ‘red lines’ protest against fracking this Saturday 6 January outside Barclays’ Market Place branch in Huddersfield to highlight the bank’s continued role in funding fracking in North Yorkshire though its subsidiary Third Energy. The protesters wore red to symbolise the ‘red lines’ that the world must not cross in order to avoid dangerous climate change. Several of the campaigners also undertook a ‘die-in’ outside the bank to highlight the threat to human life posed by the extreme weather caused by climate change.

Red lines die in outside Barclays Huddersfield opposing the banks Yorkshire fracking links

Barclays owns over 75% of Third Energy*, the company which is currently attempting to start fracking near the village of Kirkby Misperton in North Yorkshire. The Friends of the Earth campaigners created a visual  ‘red line’ outside Barclays Bank to symbolise how fracking crosses a ‘red line’ towards dangerous climate change.  They also encouraged Barclays’ customers to move their money to frack free and fossil free alternatives.

The campaigners are drawing on recent research [1] by Oil Change International which examines the remaining  ‘Global Carbon Budget’ that can be used to stay within safe climate targets. The research concludes that: “The oil coal and gas in reserves already in production and development globally is more than we can afford to burn. There is no room for any new coal, oil or gas exploration and production.” 

Chayley Collis of Huddersfield Friends of the Earth commented: “Fracking is clearly incompatible with the global Paris climate commitment. The UK Government itself has also recently acknowledged that to have a reasonable chance of keeping global temperature rise below 2 degrees we need to leave up to 75% of existing reserves of fossil fuels in the ground [2]. Fracking crosses a climate red line and we cannot allow a new source of fossil fuel to take hold in the UK. We call on Barclays to scrap their plans to frack in North Yorkshire.”

1. ‘The Sky’s Limit’, Oil Change International, 2016 and ‘Tackling climate change: Keeping coal , oil and gas in the ground’ Friends of the Earth briefing, July 2017

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