Students call on Huddersfield University to act on climate change

Fossil Free Huddersfield University petition with 1000+ signatures

Fossil Free Huddersfield University petition with 1000 signatures

Students today (Wednesday 8 November 2017) have delivered a 1000-strong petition to Huddersfield University Vice-Chancellor’s office calling on the University to cut all financial links with the fossil fuel industry in response to the threat of climate change. The students were accompanied by a ‘Climate Emergency’ fire engine to demonstrate the urgency of the action needed to prevent extreme weather and catastrophic climate change.

Megan Bennett, a 22 year old postgraduate student and member of the Fossil Free Huddersfield University campaign, said:

“The recent extreme weather events across the globe show that climate change isn’t a problem for future generations – it’s happening now, and action has never been more urgent. Universities, and all public institutions, must cut their ties with the fossil fuel companies responsible and divest.

A third of UK universities have already divested from fossil fuels. Huddersfield University needs to play its part in responding to the climate crisis. Why is it failing in its responsibility to protect our futures?”.

Chayley Collis from Huddersfield Friends of the Earth added:

“The Fossil Free movement is asking institutions, such as universities, to distance themselves from the fossil fuel industry by cutting any financial ties. We are calling on Huddersfield University to make a public Fossil Free commitment, which asks its fund managers to screen all its investments for fossil fuels.”

The campaigners, who are supported by a growing number of University students, staff and members of the local community, are calling for the University to commit to going Fossil Free by the end of 2017 and are seeking a meeting with University management this month to discuss their demands.


Add your name to the 1000+ petition here:

Fossil Free Huddersfield University petition with 1000 signatures



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